1992 Pontiac Firebird: "Second Chance"

This page is a collection of pictures showing the process of restomodding my 1992 Firebird.
This car will be doing its best to replace my 1984 Trans Am which I lost due to
a defective
Russel brake hose.

The Wiring Page:

In their infinite wisdom, GM decided to incorporate the EFI, front end wiring, and engine sensor/ignition wiring all into one
intertwined, confused wiring mess. The '84 had 2 separate harnesses for this, with the engine controls in their own harness.
I guess in 1992 GM elected to be less modular about it, so I needed to separate the stock TBI EFI wiring from the rest.

Yep, Rainbow Chips Deluxe and a wiring harness...it was a LONG night haha.

I think Jeremy looks a little frightened!

Don't worry, he didn't really need counseling after this experience!

Half de-loomed, right in the middle of things!

TBI computer and the wiring to go with it, we only ended up having to cut 4 or 5 wires, fortunately!!

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