1992 Pontiac Firebird: "Second Chance"

This page is a collection of pictures showing the process of restomodding my 1992 Firebird.
This car will be doing its best to replace my 1984 Trans Am which I lost due to
a defective
Russel brake hose.

Page 4:

Out comes the 305.

Empty engine bay, with lots of "spaghetti" left in it.

What have we here?

Why, I do believe that was a pile of 4 brand new 18x9" ROH RT wheels with tires!!!

I swear I only left her alone outside for 10 minutes, when I came back, this is all that was left of my car!!!!!!

Looking toward the future? I shoulda propped my leg up on something and had "a little captain" in me LOL.

Not much left in there....mostly just a lot of dust, and some wiring.

Stripped down pretty well.

Drive it till the doors fall off!!!!

Let the sandblasting begin!

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