1992 Pontiac Firebird: "Second Chance"

This page is a collection of pictures showing the process of restomodding my 1992 Firebird.
This car will be doing its best to replace my 1984 Trans Am which I lost due to
a defective
Russel brake hose.

Page 3:

The kickpanel got worse once I started poking around.

Got the big hole up front on the driver's side patched!

Found a couple more rust holes when I started prepping for the subframe connector install.
These are on the passenger side by the cowl, and the underneath, back-side of the rocker panel.

The underneath, back-side of the rocker all patched and POR-15'd.

More POR-15 applied.

Subframe connectors welded in!!!!

Look at that! My welds ARE getting better!! I was able to get a few nice beads on the sfc install.

There were a few ugly ones as well, but They're strong at least!

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